Tiny planets by Paul Marnef

Authors: Paul Marnef

Paul Marnef is a photographer working in Belgium and in France.

More of a grassroots reporter, he started out as a press photographer. Perfect for him because photojournalism is a very varied and demanding environment. It also led him to take an interest in new tools and technologies that allow images to be sublimated. This is how he specialized in tiny planets photography.


“I am a real passionate about photography. My profession as a photographer brings me a perfect mix between technical and artistic aspects that allow me to show my vision of the world.


I like to transform places, to give them little mystery with a surprising effect, at the crossroads of drawing, painting, computer-generated image and photography.

My artistic approach as a photographer is to reinvent the world, to make it lighter and to transport you to other planets, both so close to our daily lives and yet still so little known.


I highlight the beautiful sides of what I see around me and during my travels.

It is also a way for me to raise awareness about the environment and the fact that it is important to preserve our planet.


Through my creations of tiny planets photos I invite you to travel through a somewhat unreal and dreamlike vision of the space around me.

I try to give a little poetry to my photographs of tiny planets.

These images immerse me in the universe of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’ planet. Tell me in the commentary what my photos of small planets make you think.”


Paul Marnef is also co-founder of ISOWAY, a photo and video agency.

Arbres Sentier by Paul Marnef
Arbre seul champ by Paul Marnef
Rue de Meves by Paul Marnef
Bois de Villers by Paul Marnef
Autour Chemin Relais by Paul Marnef
Saint-Valery sur Somme by Paul Marnef
USA White Sands by Paul Marnef

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