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Increase your environmental culture and be inspired by institutions, companies and start-ups that show their attention and sustainable policies.

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Watercolours, digital art, new materials, photographs, installations.

Different styles and backgrounds to tell the delicate relationship between man and nature.
Discover the exhibitions of the Milano Green Forum and be fascinated by the visual stories of artists and organisations from every corner of the globe.


Posted by federico
April 2022

April's pills

New package of proposals for the european Green Deal The European Commission has presented a package of proposals on the european Green Deal to make...

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Posted by federico
April 2022

March pills

Economic losses due to climatic conditions in Europe. The EEA briefing " Economic losses and fatal accidents from weather and climate events in Europe” According...

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Posted by federico
March 2022


THE ITALIAN CONSTITUTION BECOMES “MORE SUSTAINABLE” This is the first time that the first part of the Italian constitution, which concerns the fundamental principles, has...

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