The forms of recycling by Luigi Pilato

Authors: Luigi Pilato

Luigi Pilato began experimenting by pure chance with painting on media made of unconventional and purely recycled materials. From experimentation he moved on to the awareness that important messages can be sent through this type of art.

In fact, the artist attracts attention through very captivating and easy-to-read images, but the main objective is to remove from a vicious circle materials that are constantly being recycled, thereby polluting and consuming energy. Transforming a cardboard box, a fruit box, a potato sack or even stale bread into a work of art not only gives these materials a new life, but also enables the viewer to look beyond appearances.

The message is to take the recycling cycle out of the loop, to look for sustainable ways of using resources, increasing all forms of respect for nature and trying to recover the waste that has now been created.

Pilato is not a conceptual artist in the field of sustainability, he is a real artist who works to help the environment. His studio looks more like a rubbish dump than an artistic place. Even the various critics who have reviewed the artist (Silvia Arfelli, Elena Ostrica, Alice Pezzali, Luciano Carini ) have interpreted his art by trying to give the right balance both to the visual impact of the painting, which is purely emotional, and to the reality of the material.

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