Landscape by Andrea Chiesi

Authors: Andrea Chiesi

Drawing and painting are the best media I have for experiencing impermanence and emptiness.

For more than 20 years I have been investigating the contemporary landscape, in its social and anthropological aspect, by mapping abandoned and interstitial spaces, post-industrial ruins, gasometers, suburbs. Then, slowly, my gaze began to change, to turn towards nature and plants that grow in the places abandoned by man. I adopted an inner look, between the wonder of the Baroque and the sublime of Romanticism, turned into a contemporary form, influenced also by the location of my studio, that is in an isolated area surrounded by rebellious trees.

I interpret landscape in a very broad sense, up to and including the law of cause and effect that governs Everything, a system that indissolubly ties together all forms, organic and inorganic. Even the virus is part of this mechanism, in which every being seeks life in every possible way, with obstinacy, joy and despair.

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