Life cycle of flowers by Azuma Makoto

Authors: Azuma Makoto

This ‘botanical animation’ is an independent art project by AMKK, who create various works of art using flowers and plants.
The animation was developed for children to show the life cycle of flowers. Azuma created the original story and asked London-based illustrators and animators Katie and James to bring the animation to life through their beautiful work.

Many different flowers grow beautiful and strong in this world. They take root in the earth, they sprout, they bloom, they are pollinated by birds and insects, they live in spite of rain, wind and storms. They pass the baton of life, rebirth and decay. In a continuous cycle, without end. This is the story and the message of this animation.
Katie’s delicate and lively illustration stretches to fill the screen and everyone, children and adults alike, can enjoy this 4-minute animation.

Produced by AMKK
Directed by Azuma Makoto
Illustrations by Katie Scott
Animated by James Paulley

First part

Second part

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