Legs On The Wall: THAW performance on Ice

Authors: Legs On The Wall

Over ten-hours in one day, Legs On The Wall brings death-defying beauty to the current climate crisis, with the premiere of THAW.

A lone woman on 2.7 tonnes of sculpted ice is suspended 20 metres over the waters of Sydney Harbour, from the foot of the Sydney Opera House. Isolated on this frozen world, she scrambles to protect it from the elements and the industrial crane that seems to toy with them both.

As sunset approaches, what will become of this exhausted heroine? We are confronted by her struggle and inspired by her determination to adapt and survive. THAW resonates for us all, as we each grapple with our own role in the climate emergency and commit to our collective obligation to a sustainable future.

THAW is performed by three artists throughout the period of a day, and audiences can gather at any time to witness for themselves the ice melting beneath her, thawing in Sydney’s summer heat.

Beyond the show, THAW calls on audience members to funnel their energy from the spectacle of the work towards taking real tangible steps towards climate justice, inviting you to participate, have your say, support grassroots campaigns, and green your own act. At Legs we are on the journey to carbon neutrality, having recently converted to a carbon neutral energy supply at our Lilyfield home base. We are committed to tracking the energy we consume, reducing emissions, greening our act and investing in local carbon offset projects.

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