YES, I WANT TO BE LABELLED (Green Talks 2020)

Authors: Leonardo BecchettiSimona FaccioliBeba Minna

In this Green Talk we have as guests Simona Faccioli, director of Re- Made In Italy, Leonardo Becchetti, Tor Vergata professor in Rome and Beba Minna, journalist of Altro Consumo, who will address the topic of environmental certifications and related labels.

Initially, with Simona Faccioli, we speak about the convenience for companies to be certified and the economic advantage of relying on an institution that values how sustainable they are.

It continues with a study conducted by Professor Becchetti, which focuses on the concept of the “vote with the portfolio”, that is how the consumer can, through his commercial choices, influence the green policies of companies.

Finally, Beba Minna will tell us about the main environmental certifications, those that the consumer can rely on and those that instead hide an underlying ambiguity.

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