Clare Brass

Clare Brass

Director at Department22

Clare Brass is a designer, innovator and educator with a focus on sustainability and circular economy, connecting design thinking with business strategy.

With nearly 20 years’ experience as a design practitioner, she became head of Sustainability at Design Council, and later founded and directed SEED Foundation, exploring design-led entrepreneurial opportunities from social and/or environmental challenges. She set up and led SustainRCA at the RCA where she was also Leader of Sustainability & Enterprise for Innovation Design Engineering together with Imperial College.

She currently is co-director of Department 22, an innovation consultancy for circular economy, with a focus on the food sector. She uses a variety of design methods (as well as a bit of her own creative spark) to help businesses and individuals create and develop great ideas and strategies to drive transition to a better world.

A trustee of the London Community Resource Network (2010 – 2013), and a mentor for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2011-2017), she has also worked for a variety of global industries across all fields including Nissan, M&S, McDonald’s, Hitachi, Coca Cola, London Olympics and more.

Clare is a keen environmentalist and food grower and has developed commercial and entrepreneurial projects around environmental and welfare impacts of the poultry industry (, as well as set up and run a community food waste and recycling project, on the Maiden Lane Council Estate in Camden (

During the Covid down-time, Clare and her colleagues at Department 22 have been busy setting up a new start-up that aims to make it cheaper and easier for people to access DISH® food (Delicious, Independently produced, Sustainable & Healthy).