ReFuel Solutions

ReFuel Solutions S.r.l. was founded in 2021 in the heart of the Motor Valley, thanks to the passion of its young founders and with the aim of improving mobility by exploiting the technologies of the present, in anticipation of those of the future.
ReFuel believes in a gradual and truly sustainable ecological transition, for the environment and the economy.

The first solution to pollution proposed is the use of biodiesel in heavy vehicles, which are more polluting than cars and difficult to replace due to their cost and impact.
This green fuel is produced in large quantities but not used pure due to the technological limitations of current vehicles on the road, which only reach 7% when mixed with diesel.
ReFuel has definitively overcome these limits with a unique technology, patented in 2020 and extended internationally in 2021. BiodieselKit allows the use of up to 100 per cent biodiesel in diesel engines, with reductions of up to 60 per cent in particulate matter and up to 88 per cent in CO2. It can be installed on old or new vehicles, and does not exclude compatibility with fossil diesel.

BiodieselKit is not just an aftermarket product but creates real local circular economies around it. Used oil can be collected and turned into fuel for local use, making waste a local value, creating jobs and drastically reducing air and water pollution.
ReFuel Solutions therefore not only brings an innovative product that can be used immediately, but also proposes a model of local, certified, exportable circular economy in line with EU policies concerning energy communities.
The latest product designed by the start-up is a version of the BiodieselKit specifically for diesel generators that is taking its first steps in the important Indian market.

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