Ice Books Reseeding by Basia Irland

Authors: Basia Irland

As an artist collaborating with scientists, how can I help make visible the loss caused by glaciers melting and promote positive actions? This is why I started the Ice book project: ICE RECEDING/BOOKS RESEEDING. In fact, by releasing seed-laden ephemeral ice sculptures into rivers, I emphasizes the necessity of communal effort, scientific knowledge, and artistic expression to deal with the complex issues of climate disruption and watershed restoration.

With the help of local communities, the Ice Books are launched into the water. As they float downstream and melt, the native seeds, selected with stream ecologists and botanists, are released along riverbanks.

During the past 15 years, I have created over a hundred of these time-based sculptures for global rivers. More recently, I have been working with people from around the world who want to create their own Ice Books as a way to connect to their watersheds and initiate restorative actions that address local ecological issues. The results have been inventive and inspiring.

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