Fabio Iraldo (Green Voice 2020)

Authors: Fabio Iraldo

Fabio Iraldo, professor of Sustainability Management at the Sant’Anna high school in Pisa and research director of the Green Economy Observatory at Bocconi University, participates in the Green Voice format of Milan Green Forum.


What is the institution you represent doing to better address the ecological transition?

Our main role is the education and training of the new generations.

The mission we pursue every day is to try to transmit to university or master students, in addition to skills, also the passion for the possibility of applying the principles related to sustainability in their professional life.

Specifically, the University also has a direct role, being a context that generates environmental impacts. This is why we’ve developed activities that tend to reduce the environmental impacts of the workforce, both of teachers and students, such as the careful management of supplies from our canteen, the reduction of the use of single-use plastic and the use of recycled paper.

Finally, we involve companies by guiding them towards environmental impact reduction objectives.


The ecological transition necessarily also passes through the actions of the individual. What do you do on a daily basis for the environment?

In my daily life, I mainly try to educate my children, above all by helping them to reflect on the consequences of the choices they make every day.


Do you think there is someone or something from our days or from the past from which to draw ecological inspiration?

The greatest ecological inspiration I have ever found is linked to the literature of the American Indians and in particular to the proverbs of the Native Americans.

In them there is a high awareness, extraordinarily anticipatory with respect to the issues of preserving the quality of the environment and nature.

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