You probably know that things stand in the closet and collect dust and you rarely get it used.
Why not help the environment and your neighborhood? It’s a win-win.
We live in a time of overconsumption, and we generate waste in many ways. We have tools, games, garden tools, kitchenware, travel equipment and electronics and much more that is rarely used and simply stands and takes up space. In Denmark alone, we have items in attics and basements
for DKK 20 billion that are not being used.
For example, a power drill is used only 12 minutes on average in its lifetime and generates 28 kg of CO2. If only 16 people could join forces to share a power drill, 15 drills would be saved, or CO2 equivalent to a drive from Denmark to Italy and back again. We should have the opportunity to be able to help each other and thereby create a stronger community.
At WeUse, we want to exploit the use potential of these resources and make it easier for individuals to help each other and consume more sustainably. This will benefit both the environment and social cohesion.

WeUse is an app where we have made it easy, manageable and fast to help and share/rent thinps with each other. Here, users can upload all the resources they want to share with their network.
In WeUse, we are responsible for ALL the facilitation of the app, but we are not experts in the individual organization. Therefore, it is the organization that controls whether to make groupings (perhaps in relation to departments) or whether it should just be a large community in which resources are shared.
This creates reassurance for the user as all users are associated with the organization and all users know that everyone is verified to use the app. Compared to the Facebook group, our system is more secure as you cannot hide behind the profiles. Everyone has to assess each other and everyone can read other assessments. Here we turn it around, so you upload what you are willing to share/rent, so the network can see all the things available in the area. Instead of a single person writing a post and searching for a thing.

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