TomaPaint is a green startup that was founded in March 2019. The core business of the project is the industrialization and commercialization of a natural bio-resin obtained from industrial tomato processing by-products (mainly skins).

The bio-resin will be used to produce a bio-lacquer to be applied on the internal and external surfaces of metal food cans, in substitution of the traditional, standard oil-based lacquers so as to offer an ecological alternative to synthetic lacquers with environmental and health benefits.

TomaPaint meets the demand for sustainable production and for the safeguarding of consumer health by aligning with the principles of the circular economy, valorising agro-industrial by-products and using renewable resources. This is thanks to a patented process for extracting cutin from tomatoes industrial by-products, a molecule that is the basis for the production of an innovative bio-lacquer which can be used for the coating of food metal packaging.

Thanks to collaborations with italian and european partners, Tomapaint is now testing the use of the bioresin for other different applications, such as paints for wood or paper, cosmetics, green buildings, gardening.





TomaPaint S.r.l.
Via Cantelli, 5 – 43121 Parma (PR), Italy
VAT Number: 02900440344

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