Coffee grounds, Aglianico del Vulture must, elderberries, almond hulls, onion skins, are just some of the raw materials used to produce PIGMENTO natural dyes. Ecological and non-toxic dyes, without adulteration, additives or chemical contamination, with scientifically certified benefits.

Marketed in powder or liquid form, they are intended for use by companies in the textile, bioconstruction, food and cosmetics sectors. and cosmetics, replacing synthetic dyes that use chemical dyes, mostly made from petroleum by-products (e.g. aniline and aromatic derivatives), which are often harmful to health and the environment and above all non-biodegradable. A return to the application of natural colouring respecting the principle of environmental and economic sustainability, as in the past but in an innovative way, combining new technologies and professionalism, so as to make the use feasible as well as intense and long-lasting.

Thanks to research, an innovative production process has been created, carried out in the laboratory, through the use of instruments that are new in the sector, which make it possible to obtain a high-quality product in a shorter time. In addition to colouring without having harmful effects on health, PIGMENTO also has the function of releasing antioxidant substances that are beneficial to a person’s health.

During pigment extraction, we also find substances such as polyphenols and flavonoids, natural chemical compounds known for their health-promoting properties, which are essential components of the dye itself.

About us

PIGMENTO was born in January 2016 in Basilicata at the foot of Vulture from an idea of Miriam Mastromartino, founder and business developer, an economist with experience working in fashion companies. After realising the potential of her idea, she brought her two brothers on board. Vincenzo, who studied chemistry at the University of Florence, and Selena, communication designer. Today, PIGMENTO wants to be a unique ally for sustainability and environmental purity, thanks to the combination of antiquity and innovation. Only from a deep respect for nature can absolute self-respect arise.

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Via Aldo Moro, 85025 Melfi, Italy


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