Must Had




The name derives from must-have, a very common expression to indicate something that we cannot live without, and that we must have at all costs. By coining this expression, fashion brands have consciously pushed consumption beyond all limits.

Declining Have into Had, we want to highlight the need for a paradigm change where the desire to own and buy at all costs moves towards what already exists, adopting more conscious choices such as reuse and regeneration.




Must Had is an Innovative Start-up and Benefit Corporation born in Turin (Italy) in 2021 with the aim of creating a community of “Refashion” composed by artisans, designers and small brands sharing the philosophy of recovery and reuse in the fashion industry.

Must Had provides its “Refashion Brands” with a platform allowing them to grow by gaining greater visibility through an offer focused on digitalization, marketing, logistics and other services.

In addition to the activity of the marketplace, Must Had wants to become a reference point for small brands and artisans willing to undertake or continue a path focused on circularity, supporting them with parallel activities such as the supply of textile waste or the creation of collaborations between the various players within the community.

Our digital ecosystem offers unique or limited edition clothing and accessories, with a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Each product on the website tells a story in order to guarantee the maximum transparency: from the waste to the process that led to its regeneration.




Why have we focused exclusively on recovery and regeneration? We strongly believe that true sustainability starts from reusing what already exists, hence our motto “everything deserves a second chance”.

Concerning environmental sustainability, all the products offered on the platform have been made starting from textile waste. This means that products that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerated are reintroduced into the market, thus reducing the need for “virgin” productions and the related environmental impact they could generate.

As for social sustainability, Must Had offers the necessary tools for small brands and artisans to grow and increase their brand awareness in a stimulating context that shares their same values.

Finally, Must Had products can also be sold in pre-order mode, which is the most sustainable way to buy only what the market really requires is produced, promoting inclusiveness thanks to the flexibility of producing any required size.




Via Saluzzo 29, Torino,10125 Italy

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