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Life Breath, the Turin startup that is good for the environment

Life Breath was born as an innovative startup from the union of professionals who, bringing their experience, have created a project that is still unique today.

“Breath” is a plant that produces electrical/thermal energy by revaluating industrial, agricultural, medical and other production waste.

“Breath” does not produce any harmful emissions into the environment, neither solid, liquid, nor gaseous. Our goal is to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment in which we live. “Breath” is an extremely versatile product, although installed in a Hi cube 40 Ft container, it can be customized to suit the needs of the customer and the installation site. “Breath” is able to process organic materials and plastics, avoiding the accumulation in landfills by transforming them into energy.

An operational control room is provided, H24 will be connected to each plant through a V.P.N. with encrypted data transmission.

Life Breath is two years old and has a great desire to have a positive impact on the environment, putting itself at the service of people and contributing to the socio-economic growth of the territory.

The Italian long-term strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions provides for the reduction of 25% of local emissions by 2025.

The Turin-based startup intends to make its contribution to achieve this goal. Therefore, it has designed some products to optimize the separate collection of plastic, paper and aluminum, able to reduce the volume of waste by 80%, consequently reduce the CO2 emissions released into the environment by reducing the frequency of transportation.

Our shredders


Sharky is a small appliance to be placed on balconies, terraces, courtyards or in other spaces that today are constantly invaded by plastic waste. It can also be inserted in modular kitchens, disappearing completely inside a drawer.


Shark, the version designed for companies and large-scale distribution that allows the shredding of aluminum or paper or plastic, optimizing space and volumes of waste produced.


Finally Tarrabah, the solution designed for trade fairs, congresses and large events that in particular allows the separation of plastic in its PET and HDPE components, to guarantee an optimization of recycling and becomes an excellent promotional tool for companies due to its original and captivating shape. All three products, thanks to the reduction of volumes, allow to optimize the collection process, saving CO2 by reducing the frequency of the collection by the service workers.

Among the positive “side effects”: the reduction of road traffic, the decrease in the use of fossil fuels and harmful emissions and the reduction of encumbrances.


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Via Acqui, 67
10098, Rivoli (TO)

+39 011.618.59.21

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