Seventy percent of people believe they are responsible for the future of the environment, which shows an increase in awareness: however, in addition to words, actions are needed. In the current scenario, a shift towards responsible consumption plays a key role.

This is why Glivee was born: a marketplace with the mission of making sustainability “the new normal”. Glivee connects virtuous European brands with millennials who want to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle: our dream is to accompany them, guiding them to understand and value the advantages of conscious consumption.

Glivee was born out of a real problem faced by one of the team members: buying sustainable products online was time-consuming and required long searches to find reliable information and references… So we created Glivee as the ally we wished we had when we started our journey to a more sustainable lifestyle!

Glivee wants to break down the barriers that consumers face in sustainable online shopping: we offer full transparency about our commitment, our brands and our products, and we offer innovative and appealing products, because sustainability isn’t boring at all!

To make this happen, we have collaborated with ALTIS, the sustainability research center at Università Cattolica, to develop a proprietary questionnaire that analyzes sustainability at the brand and product level. Thanks to this tool, we can ensure that consumers make reliable purchases and are fully aware of the sustainable commitment of the brands on our website.

For the future, we aim to become the benchmark for a more sustainable lifestyle, through:

  • information and transparent communication, through our blog and content on our Instagram page. It is from awareness that change is generated!
  • A wide and sought-after range of ethical and low environmental impact products that can be purchased in our shop (e.g. home accessories, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.). Each product is provided with its own “identity card”, in order to recognize its sustainable characteristics, benefits and disposal methods.





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