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Fili Pari is an innovative Start Up focused on research and development of unconventional materials for the textile industry, respecting the territory and the environment. The Start Up is a specialist in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement of marble powders. In fact, Fili Pari aims to contribute to protect the land and valleys from the mountain’s dismemberment and encourage the use of by-products as a raw material. The project was born among the university desks of the Politecnico di Milano with the aim of telling new stories and atmospheres with an innovative and emotional flavor, introducing Italian research, design and creativity. Fili Pari represents the anagram of Fripi and Ali, the two founders: an immediate reference to the textile world and the overall vision of the company.

Fili Pari is currently incubated at Polihub, the business accelerator of the Milan Polytechnic, that is also a partnership associate of the Start Up.


Since ancient times, marble has been used in art, architecture and design, and is a symbol of Italian culture recognized worldwide.

Today marble is used in various sectors such as the food, chemical and construction sector. However, it has never been used in the textile sector, except as pure aesthetic inspiration through prints that recall the veining. Now marble is wearable thanks to MARM \ MORE.

MARM \ MORE is an innovative material made from marble powder, which combines technical performance and aesthetic characteristics thanks to the marble. Waterproof, windproof and abrasion resistant, MARM \ MORE is a coating on fabric that uses the potential of the stone to provide natural colours and a soft, pleasant feel.

The term originates from MARMOR, the Latin translation of the word marble, to indicate the close link between the material and the Italian territory. Furthermore, the MORE then indicates how the marble gives an added value to the material, giving it a plus compared to classic PU coated materials. Finalli, MORE also indicates a new and different perception of the marble itself, which goes from heavy and static to light and wearable.

The textile industry and the stone industry are two of Italy’s most famous and internationally recognised industries and represent Made in Italy worldwide.

Thanks to MARM \ MORE, it has been possible to activate a new synergy between the textile and stone sectors thanks to the creation of a production chain that brings together the two sectors for the first time.


Fili Pari philosophy embraces the values of a circular economy, combining research and innovation to improve both the Earth and mankind’s wellbeing. Furthermore, our love for the local territory translates into the desire to enhance the value of raw materials, using the products and by-products of Italian stone industries, transforming waste into an opportunity in full respect of the circular economy.

Our desire to give an initial look to the material has taken shape with Fili Pari Collection: a rainwear collection with a minimal and ironic style, dedicated to the female universe. The collection is characterised by a strong attention to detail, both technical and stylistic: clean and essential lines, refined fabrics and craftsmanship make each garment unique. The garments are made entirely in Italy and express a passion for research and craftsmanship.


The new SS21 collection confirms the brand’s focus on increasingly ethical and sustainable fashion. The MARM \ MORE coating is laminated to recycled nylon and offers totally natural colors, which are totally natural thanks to the presence of marble powder in over 50% of the coating. White Marble, Ebony Black Marble, Verona Red Marble and Alpine Green Marble give pastel nuances and accompany the fresh and light style shapes, to express a desire for redemption and positive energy. The collection will be available online from March on the website and in selected marketplace platforms, committed to sustainability and innovation issues. Our choice of sustainable fashion is reflected in every detail: even the packaging is made of recycled and compostable materials, to express the brand’s philosophy in full.

A 2021 new entry, already available online, is the launch of Fili Pari masks: a small collection for men and women in different color variants, made by consciously recovering waste fabrics offcuts of garments. Thanks to the expert craftsmanship of small tailor’s workshops, it is possible to valorize surplus fabric and transform it into a new product. We are in line with the principles of circular economy upstream and downstream of the supply chain.

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