Anima di Foglia


Anima di Foglia is a start-up company that creates clothing, furniture and works of art in fabric using natural dyeing and botanical eco-printing (ecoprint).
The use of natural fixings and colors, according to the ancient techniques of dyeing, wants to fight the use of chemical dyes that are one of the main causes of pollution of industrial waters.
Anima di Foglia’s main concept is the contact with nature: the entire production process, from the choice of 100% natural fabric, to the collection of plants, dyeing, fixing and the use of recycled materials for packaging, makes the brand sustainable and totally “local” because it represents the natural territory in which it was produced.
The ecoprint is a technique that consists in bringing back the shape and colors of plants on the fabric obtaining an almost photographic result. Leaves, flowers, berries and roots, in close contact with the fabric and undergoing a process of cooking and fixing, transmit their shape and color permanently. What you get is always a surprise because it has many variables, so it remains a technique that maintains an aura of magic and escapes in part to human control. This ensures the uniqueness and irreproducibility of each piece, which retains within itself the soul of the leaves that it has received.
With these fabrics are created clothing, wedding dresses and ceremonies, but also furnishings and artistic tapestries.
Anima di Foglia wants to sensitize customers to value unique and quality garments, giving importance to the local flora; for this reason it has started a collaboration with some parks and botanical gardens to create a clothing line that represents the most beautiful gardens in Italy, using the plants of the same in the process of dyeing and ecoprinting.
Thus was born a collection of clothing dedicated to the gardens of Belmond hotels in Venice, Siena and Portofino. The Sigurtà park in Valeggio sul Mincio and the Iris garden in Florence have also joined the project, with the hope of continuing this dream in other natural places in Italy.
Anima di Foglia also offers training courses to promote botanical eco-printing and the self-production of natural colors.





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