Airlite is a revolutionary technology that allows you to improve air quality in a 100% natural way and is applied like a normal paint on any type of surface.

Thanks to the light, it eliminates the main pollutants in the air, prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and spores, eliminates bad odors and prevents dirt from settling on the walls.

In addition, its effectiveness against the Covid-19 virus has been tested by the Scientific Department of the Celio Military Hospital in Rome. In addition, when applied to exterior surfaces, it reflects the warm component of sunlight, keeping indoor environments cool and thus helping to reduce energy consumption and CO2 generation, which causes the greenhouse effect.

Airlite is a natural air purifier that needs only light to be activated: no noise, no electricity consumption, no maintenance, no side effects and long-lasting effectiveness.

Airlite uses the same principle used by nature to clean the air: just as after a thunderstorm electricity generates ions that clean the air, so Airlite generates negative ions on the surface where it is applied. When the air touches the surface, it is purified in a natural way.

In 2013, Massimo Bernardoni and Antonio Cianci formed AM Technology.

Massimo is a businessman. He starts working in the family business and then studies the properties of some molecules and elaborates a first version of the innovative mineral-based technology that is applied like a normal paint. After a first test in the Umberto I tunnel in Rome, numerous awards and international recognition follow.

Antonio is one of the protagonists of the development of Italian entrepreneurship in the world. He was in charge of the “Italia degli Innovatori” project, awarded during the Shanghai Expo as the best government program to support innovation, and mentioned by the Annuario dell’Enciclopedia Treccani as one of the most important events of 2010.

It is on this occasion that he meets Massimo, who is among the awardees at the Shanghai Expo for his extraordinary innovation.

Antonio’s experience in identifying and promoting the success factors of companies, together with Massimo’s technical skills in the materials sector, represent the perfect combination thanks to which AM Technology immediately shows it has the potential to achieve great success on the market.




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