Enrico Rampin (Green Voice 2020)

Authors: Enrico Rampin

Enrico Rampin, sales and marketing manager at WIIT participates in the Green Voice format of Milan Green Forum.


What is the organization that you represent doing to best approach the ecological transition?

At WIIT we try to face and anticipate the ecological transition, in fact all the energy we use comes from renewable energy sources, thanks also to the collaboration with Dolomiti Energia, which has certified us as 100% green energy.

In addition, we have supported reforestation projects in Kenya, with the aim of reducing the contribution of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


The ecological transition necessarily comes also through the actions of the individual. What do you do for the environment in your daily life?

From a working point of view, my role leads me to support and promote all the initiatives that affect the company’s core business and, therefore, contribute to significantly reducing consumption.

Fortunately, I also have the opportunity to activate initiatives, such as the one relating to “plastic free”, which eliminates the use of plastic within the company.

While, from a personal point of view, I try to educate my children, transmitting to them the values ​​of ecological awareness and conscience. I educate them on smart consumption through small daily gestures, such as turning off the water when not in use or turning off the lights when you leave the room.


Do you think there is someone or something from our days or from the past from which to draw ecological inspiration?

Personally, I really appreciate initiatives that involve building circular models and that involve full reuse.

In particular, I appreciated two initiatives: the first is that of Boyan Slat, founder of Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization with which he is cleaning the oceans.

The second initiative was born from an idea of ​​Tom Szaky and is called TerraCycle. It deals with the recycling of waste materials with the aim of creating new products.

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