Valerio Cozzi

Valerio Cozzi

Landscape Designer at Valerio Cozzi

Landscape designer, convinced that plants must have their say on the design of open spaces because they will be the ones to conquer them over time, the ones to feed the emotions of people experiencing them.

Active for over twenty years as a designer, project manager and consultant for professionals and for public and private clients, he shapes green oases in apparently unwelcoming contexts such as the concrete expanse of our towns or the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Member of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP) since 2002, he promotes knowledge of the technical and interdisciplinary aspects of the subject through teaching and writing in magazines.

In 2013 he conceived and edited for the Fondazione Minoprio a manual for designing and building quality urban green by balancing the needs of underground utilities and radical systems (Piantare alberi in città).

Since 2015 he has been President of the Landscape Commission of the Metropolitan City Milan and appointed environmental advisor of several Building Commissions, to contribute to the development of landscapes to enjoy every day.