Simon Ferrigno

Simon Ferrigno

Contributor at Ecotextile News

Simon Ferrigno has been working on cotton and sustainability since 2000, with a focus on alternatives such as organic cotton and IPM. He has also researched the impacts of pesticide and insecticide use on human health and the environment in Africa. Prior to this, Simon worked more generally on sustainable agriculture policy after returning to study in the mid-1990s.Earlier, Simon worked in community development and as a musician in London, following several years as a professional chef and part-time radio DJ in France. Simon’s working life began as a farm labourer, including on organic farms in the early 1980s, and his career has thus now come full circle. Today, Simon is a freelance researcher and writer working with both public and private clients on the development of sustainable cotton. He continues to work in Africa with a growing network of consultants across the continent. He is currently working on a e-book about his experiences with African cotton, aiming to motivate others to explore and invest in an awakening giant.

Simon is a member of the RITE (Reducing the Impact of Textiles on the Environment) Group steering committee, the Better Cotton Initiative advisory group as well as the Soil Association Textile and Trade group. Simon is also part of two other initiatives, Cotton Conversations (‘a learning and choice-support process to improve collaboration and business efficiency’) and the Buying Pool, an in-development initiative to help connect small and medium sized brands to farmers and manufacturers in developing countries through group buying. Simon is a regular speaker at international events and convened the organic textiles section of the 17th Organic World Congress. Simon is a regular contributor to Ecotextiles News magazine

Simon lives in Derbyshire, UK.

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